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Foldable Green Camping Toilet | Bivvy Loo

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Camping Toilet Bivvy Loo


Unpleasant topic, isn't it? 😉

The toilet is probably the least attractive topic when travelling. But we dare to discuss this topic with you, because it is important that you are also well equipped here.
Especially if there are no public toilets in sight or you are standing in the wild and have no clean campsite toilet to fall back on, a mobile camping toilet is simply practical.

We have different versions in our shop. The classic is probably the Porta Potti. These toilets are easy to use and hygienic. The Porta Pottis are available in different sizes. So it depends on the space you have available.
If you don't want to use chemicals and have little storage space, the compact Bivvy Loo toilet is the best choice. The folding toilet works with a classic bag, so you don't need any chemicals and can dispose of the bag directly.

Why shouldn't you just go into the forest?
Admittedly, it is natural, like animals, to simply go into the forest and leave your needs there. But the difference is that animals don't use tissues or toilet paper. Handkerchiefs take a long time to decompose completely. Not good for nature and other people will not enjoy the sight either. Furthermore, pathogens, viruses or bacteria can be found in what we leave behind. These should not be spread unnecessarily in nature. So, let's go!