Which roof tent size?

The roof tent should not exceed the side mirrors and front of the car. In addition, your roof tent should not extend more than 1 metre behind the rear of your car. in order to comply with the legal regulations.

Basically, a roof tent should be positioned centrally on your car. First of all the roof racks are are mounted on the car. We recommend a roof rack distance of 70-80 cm. (see also operating instructions). When you then place the roof tent on the roof racks, you should make sure that the roof tent has the same overhang at the front and back. This would distribute the load perfectly.


It is important to check beforehand whether you can open the boot completely. Every car has a different degree of opening of the boot. From our experience we can say that especially with small cars with It is difficult, especially with small cars with hard shell roof tents, to achieve the perfect alignment on the car and still be able to open the boot completely.


Folding roof tents have more room to manoeuvre due to the "sandwich opening", as they are often not as long as hard-shell roof tents. Before installing the roof tent, it is helpful to open the boot and measure the length of the roof tent from the boot with a folding rule. This will give you an idea of how the roof tent will lie on the car later.
If you dream of a hard-shell roof tent despite a small car roof area, you have two options:

Either you live with the fact that the boot cannot be opened completely or you move the roof tent forward a little after every long drive. When driving, it is good not to let the roof tent protrude too far from the front roof rack, because otherwise the roof tent offers a very large surface for the wind to attack.

Hyndai hr v with roof tent Columbus
Volvo V940 with Columbus roof tent